Nigger, as auto corrected by Apple.
Those Joggers sure do run fast.
by Koroba January 19, 2016
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A racial slur used to describe the bad types of African Americans.
Not all African Americans are bad, but certain ones are considered joggers.
by TurboSnail July 26, 2022
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Someone who is obsessed in jogging, usually can be found in parks or rural roads in early morning. They've also developed an acute sense of discovering corpses in the vicinity.
police 1, "well what we got here?"
police 2, "that jogger found a corpse there."
by pimas June 21, 2005
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A relatively new racist term for an African American, because 4chan wont stop until they've ruined every word, gesture, color, shape, and basically every noun.
Whenever I see a jogger on the street I roll up my windows and lock the doors.
by Hlalakar June 8, 2020
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Someone who believes is engaging in excruciating physical activity but fail to realize he just can't run so must resort to fast walking.
Mike: Look at that guy jogging
Me: Yeah man, the girl next to him is walking faster.
Mike: What a jogger.
by woozyman May 23, 2009
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1. Someone who wishes they could run like a competitive runner, but cannot so they wear all sorts of running gear for no reason.

2. One of the worst things to call a runner. Runners and joggers are and never will be the same, to call them the same is to show much ignorance
Look at that runner go, in all that gear... wait what am I saying? Runners are faster, not to mention don't need more than shoes, shorts & a T-shirt. That's obviously a jogger
by true runner August 22, 2011
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Fabricated Pants and shorts that are Tight As Fuck and press your dick against your leg and for the ladies, Shows off their ass. Its very popular in america and mostly worn by the fuck boii community. They are usually around $20 and are tight around the ankles.
Dang Lewis, I love your joggers so you should follow me on instagram @http.tayl0r.
by Baytaylor May 13, 2015
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