Has a huge dick 10-12 inches, kind and extremely beautiful man. Gets an assload of pussy.
Rily gets so much pussy with his 12 inch penis
by horsedickcockballsmcgee July 19, 2010
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A very cute and sweet girl. She is always fun to be around, and any guy would be lucky to have such a loving girl.
Guy: Rilie is so pretty, I love her so much.
by Gadolithius August 15, 2018
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She the best most beautiful girl ever. A person you can talk to and never get mad at. Overall just an amazing person. Also easily lovable.
WOW that's rilie
by Becauseyou January 12, 2019
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A tease. This person can get any other person on their knees begging for more
Boy #1 Damn, that girl is a rilie, but she is succchhhh a turn on!
Boy #2 I know right!

Girl #1 That girl is such a rilie, i just hate her. My Boyfriend dumped me for HER!!
Gay guy #1 Yeah, but honey, i would go straight for that rilie.
Girl #2 I wish i was a rilie, I'm just a plane Jane.
by Im a turn on April 16, 2009
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Rili is a new standard in lighting. Created by Revolutions in Lighting, it defines light technology as we know it. Rili is lighting that can be generated on a piece of paper like material and is lighted using sound and algae not necessarily electricity. Rili is the next generation of lighting.
Using Rili lighting you can light a 14'x48' billboard with one 9v battery. It's the new revolution in lighting
by rili2012 March 5, 2012
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