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When you got a hankering because you are triggered. So triggered, that all other rational thoughts are put aside and the inner Jeff Foxworthy is unleashed.
Ever since that goddamn Prius cut me off on the freeway i've been all riled up!

Thinking about all those emails that Hillary is hiding from us is getting me all riled up!
by #1teamplayer December 07, 2018
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When you are so fucking drunk you no longer can speak or walk, all you can do is crawl and spill tons of drinks is called being riled up
1)Zach: yo riley you spilt 4 beer on your computer, one more you be RILED UP

2)Carl: yo, tonight im getting Riled Up

3)Chris: Riley your cabin is on fire you must be Riled Up
by Omar Molson February 25, 2009
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