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Essentially dicking about, or wasting. Doing nothing in paticular, wasting many hours in the day sleeping, smoking pot, or doing things that are of no use at all.
Dan:"Mate, I haven't done anything all day...Woke up at 4pm and had a joint...Then watched Jeremy Kyle on day-time TV."

Ollie: "You are such a Richard. Stop richarding and do something useful."
by Elton Dan July 10, 2011
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Richarding is defined as the act or an instance of acting or behaving forcibly, or in a forcible manner, until one achieves their desired result or action. Applies particularly to government bodies, corporations, or other entities with which very forceful behavior is required to get one's way.
"Man, they told me I didn't have the right forms at the DMV, so I started richarding until they finally took the forms I had and gave me my license plates."
by Aishia Tawiana October 02, 2018
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Partying many nights in a row at the same venue, i.e. going to a well-known routine place to party where most of one's friends will be, getting continuously wasted and doing it over and over.
-Dude what are you up to tonight?
-richarding, dog.
-oh yup, me too, see you there.
by bobface416 July 04, 2010
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The act of doing work when not on the clock; the act of working to cover up the failings of other team members; the act of working when supposed to be doing the exact opposite.
Dude, what are you still doing here? Are you Richarding!?
by tsukisan December 01, 2015
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