A mammal who has teeth that grows sometimes,so they chew on some objects to keep their teeth short.Mice,Hamsters,Guinea Pigs,and Squirrels are some kinds of rodents.
by NintenAnaLoid of Starmen.net November 9, 2012
A noisy or otherwise annoying child. The term is similar to 'rug rat' or 'yard ape' but is intended to be purely derogatory and not in the least affectionate.

Background? I've been using the term for years, but not sure if I invented it or picked it up from somewhere else...
Some screeching rodent ruined the movie for me.
by growe March 25, 2005
To be a person with no style or taste in general.
"I like to dance with my shoes on my hands."

"Wow, Rodent."
by TheRodentMaster April 20, 2010
an annoying user who keeps returning to your site with different names after getting kicked off.
Didn't I tell you my BBS wasn't for r0dents???
by John L Foster May 9, 2005
A small mammal that can be distinguished by it's belly hanging on the floor.
Look at that Rat, it's a little rodent!
by gmduck94 July 27, 2018
an informal word for a woman's vagina
get your rodent out for the lads luv!
by narcus October 9, 2006
a common creature with pale clamy skin, tomestone teeth and the fragrence of cornish pasties. with infested genitals from laying scagheads off the bronx. his local tavern is the ancaster, where he injoys getting scagged up with his bird and her chums. then straight back to hers to watch her fall asleep.
by gueffo March 24, 2005