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1. A task performed by a specific individual or group in exchange for compensation.
2. A protected job, project, program etc...
Bob: "I don't need Jim. I can change the tire myself".
Ted: "But Bob, ya gotta let Jim fix it. That's his rice bowl".
by bob h boberson August 24, 2008
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In the military, a term used to describe someone else's turf/territory (literal or metaphorical), with an implication that the owner is unreasonably defensive about their area.
- "We were gonna run some ops in Task Force Thunder's AO, but they're all freaked out about us getting all up in their rice bowl, so they canked the whole FRAGO."

- "I had some great ideas about how to fix all these problems with the motor pool, but Sgt Thompson blew them all off because he thinks he owns the whole lot; what a rice-bowling ass-hat."
by Gyreneisms July 28, 2013
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A stupid insult my dad uses when I talk about anything pertaining to my affliction with yellow fever.
Me)Parry Shen (see Better Luck Tomorrow) is so HOT!
Dad)Stop talking about that fucking rice bowl.
Me) (under breath) fucking racist baka

Yeah, I got a little bit of the Wapanese thing going on, SO FUCKING WHAT? It's what I'm into, at least I HAVE a hobby, unlike the stupid trolls lurking here!
by Jessica March 14, 2004
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