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A slang term for the Captain (O-3) rank in the Army and Marines. The term comes from the Captain rank insignia, which is two wide bars connected by two thin cross-bars, resembling railroad tracks crossed by two railroad ties.
Damn, Lieutenant Carter used to be really cool, but ever since he pinned on his railroad tracks, he's just pulling rank and treating all his old buddies like shit.
by Gyreneisms December 11, 2011
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A military expression referring to an issue that the speaker wants to address, but recognizes would be too much hassle to deal with. It's a metaphor for realizing that, although you want to defend your "hill" from attack, to do so would be suicidal given the much stronger enemy, and this particular hill isn't so vital that you should give up your life for it, so it's best to just retreat.
- "The Colonel wants to kick off the exercise on Monday, but we're really not going to be ready until at least Tuesday. But that's not a hill I want to die on, so I'm just going to go along with what he wants."

- "Look, I understand you're upset about them demoting Corporal Thompson, and I know you want to go argue his case with the Sergeant Major, but is that really a hill you want to die on?"
by Gyreneisms July 28, 2013
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A derogatory reference to the US Army 101st Airborne Division, the "Screaming Eagles". Their patch shows the head of an eagle with its beak open, so they're mocked by comparing the eagle to a chicken, modifying their nickname to "screaming chickens", particularly by their competitor the 82nd Airborne
A: So, your cousin that just enlisted, is he gonna join us warfighters in the "All-Americans" 82nd Airborne?

B: Nah, I warned him they're just fuckin' legs, but the little faggot went and joined the "Screaming Chickens" instead.
by Gyreneisms July 2, 2011
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"Lance coconut" is a term used by US Marines to denote a Lance Corporal (E-3 rank). The term comes from the rank insignia worn by the Lance Corporal, which is one chevron (peaked line) with two crossed rifles below it. When seen from a distance, the emblem resembles a peak with two balls below it, vagely resembling coconuts hanging from a palm.
A: Hey, did PFC Thompson actually get promoted this month?

B: Guess so, check out the dude's collar: he's a Lance Coconut now.
by Gyreneisms July 2, 2011
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"Lance Coolie" is used by US Marines to refer to the Lance Corporal (E-3) rank. The term implies that Lance Corporals are used for menial labor; a play on the term "coolie" applied to Chinese workers.
Damn, I'm stuck stacking ammo cans again? I thought I'd be past this shit when I got promoted, but I guess I'm just a Lance Coolie...
by Gyreneisms July 2, 2011
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In the US military, a person with red hair. This comes from comparing them to a "tracer", a firearms cartridge that has a bit of burning magnesium at the base of the bullet, which burns and can be seen as the bullet flies through the air.

The term "tracer" can refer to either their hair resembling the red path of a tracer bullet flying, or the fact that tracer ammunition in NATO has the tips of the bullets painted red so that specialized ammo can be visually identified.
(to a redheaded coworker) Hey, you over there by the water-bull, getcher ass over here! No, not you Sanchez, that tracer ass-hat next to you... that redheaded assclown.
by Gyreneisms August 10, 2011
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A facetious false etymology for the rank "PFC" (private first class, E-2) in the US Marine Corps. Since PFCs are often tasked with menial work like mopping, sweeping, and picking up litter, this term is used either to mock them, or by PFCs themselves to lament their low status.
A: Dammit, Sgt Fuentes has us out police-calling cigarette butts all morning yet-a-fucking-gain. Why does this shit keep happening to us?
B: Well, we're E-2s, and you know what PFC stands for: "perfect for cleaning".
by Gyreneisms August 10, 2011
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