One who head-butts an individual, or group of people with the top of their cranium. Like a rhinoceros would.
Brandon:"Ben, you rhinocerized some old ladies at that table last nite!"

Ben:"Dam. Really? I don't remember this event."

Brandon:"You like flew into them. I'm not sure how. ha ha! drunk ass."

Ben:"Dam. I need to stop getting Brandon drunk."

Brandon:"I love you, Ben."

Ben:"Love you too, Brandon..."
by geezy23 February 14, 2011
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A living organism whose mass is so great that it can be labeled with it's own personal ZIP code. A creature with a neverending desire to consume it's surrounds. Usually referred to as "Fat Guy" or "That Cowish Mofo." Inspired by the hefty shape of a Rhinocerous, who spends most of it's time grazing and rarely moving, only being able to run for seconds at a time. Behavior such as this is apparent in those who may be aptly dubbed "Rhinocerously Fat".
"Wow, have you seen how Rhinocerously Fat that kid Carmine has gotten?"
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When a girl with a giant nose is giving you head and her nose keeps stabbing you in the stomach.
Tom: "Dude why is your crotch so bruised?"
Robert: "Its because Betty gave me head last night and it felt like I was being stabbed."
Tom: "Damn that's gotta hurt, I'm pretty sure that's called a Stabbing Rhinocerous."
Robert: "I can see why."
by Bo Jangles The Eleventh January 25, 2016
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When you have a cold and you blow your nose in someone's asshole while pinching the head of their penis.
"Hey honey, I'm feeling a bit under the weather, and we're out of tissues. Do you mind if I give you a Snot Rhinocerous?"

"But I don't have a penis."

"Strap on this dildo."
by Snot Rhino November 13, 2009
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