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Revis is a word that can replace all other words. It can be every part of speech and have any meaning. It is the perfect word. It was derived from the last name of the probowl cornerback's Darrelle Revis' last name. Revis does not have to replace a positive word, but can also replace a negative word. Revis will eventually take over the english language.
I drank like ten beers, i was so revis.

Revis is such a hot piece of ass.

Same revis, different day.
All that and a bag of revis.
It's the best thing since sliced revis.
Revis actually has a rap song called Friday Night Lights.

by cschweitzer January 22, 2011
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(correction to a previous entry!)
Reivs is a pretty cool guy, a tad slow but still a good friend. He ISNT a braindead chimp, blah, blah, blah, he's cool, soz man.
So cool, it could be Revis
by Luke April 15, 2005
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Half man-Half robot, sent back in time to give geeks a chance with girls like TK! With all the speed of a dead turtle, and carisma of a braindead 2yr old chimp!
Revis get over here John needs to pull
by Luke January 28, 2005
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1) Revi - p n.

i) A person generally of indonesian descent or heritage, though they are known to come from other areas of Asia and on occassion, Europe.
ii) Often very good at whatever activities he or she may attempt.
iii) More often than not a considered attractive though more associated with 'cute' etc.

2) Revi n.

i) A random, stupid act that is humourous.
ii) A misperceived mishap that has hidden genius, method and purpose.
iii) see skux.

3) Revi v.

i) to Revi someone, to make some over; to better someone.
ii)(vulgar slang) to have sexual intercourse with another person.

4) Revi adj.

i) appearance of act foolishly despite knowing exactly what is happening and what will happen as a result.
1) Revi has once again succeeded in a particular activity. (as a Proper Noun)

2) I just did a Revi.

That was such a Revi. (as a noun)

3) I just Revi'd someone.

I just Revi'd her/him good. (as a verb)

4) What a Revi thing to do. (as an adjective)
by Chester B. Arthur Magorius February 04, 2010
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The act of faking a sports injury after a member of the opposing team dominates you.

Derived from Darrell Revis's "hamstring" injury after Randy Moss kicked his ass.
Tim Tebow just got sacked for a huge loss, so he decided it would be best to pull a Revis to calm the crowd.

After missing 3 field goals today the kicker decided to pull a Revis so he wouldn't have to miss another.
by Gongo86 October 17, 2010
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