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Noun: A value that once thrived but has nearly been eradicated in the name of free speech and expressing one’s self. Back when respect ran rampant people would keep their mouths shut if they didn’t have something intelligent to say but sadly today most people choose to express their “beliefs” even when they don’t have anything of value to say. Often disrespectful people make up for the lack of intelligence by resorting to juvenile statements such as “he/she sucks”, “he/she’s a tool” or what is ironically the all time favorite of the disrespectful, “He/she/you are an idiot”. The term “idiot” is often also used by the disrespectful to label anyone who disagrees with them especially if that person can actually speak intelligently on the subject or person being discussed.
Although John disliked the governor he figured it best to show some respect and keep his opinion to himself as he had nothing constructive to say about the man. Emma on the other hand chose to express her beliefs and tweeted that the governor sucked.
by integritymatters November 27, 2011
Someone who proclaims his/her support for the constitution, limited government, personal liberties, and the free market yet derides people who choose to vote for candidates that actually support these ideas because such candidates are deemed "un-electable".
Douchebag Patriot: You're voting for Gary Johnson? A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Obama! You need to vote for Romney!

Non-douche: First, I can assure you that voting for Gary Johnson will in no way add any votes to Obama's count. Secondly, Gary Johnson actually stands for the things that I feel are important, Romney only says what he thinks will get him re-elected. Romney's record does not reflect anything that you claim to support.

Douchebag Patriot: You must secretly be a liberal. Gary Johnson won't win. Romney may not be my first choice but we have to defeat Obama! This election is too important!

Non-douche: I wish I had a dollar for every person who has told me that they aren't voting for Gary Johnson or Ron Paul because they can't win. The idea that this election is somehow more important than any other is merely the same recycled hogwash that we hear every election year in an attempt to win third party supporters over for another RINO. Voting for Romney will only assure that we will get another RINO next time.

Douchebag Patriot: You're an idiot! I am going to block you now.
by integritymatters October 19, 2012
A movement comprised of classless sheep claiming to be leaderless. The OWS crowd has a propensity for public urination & defecation, littering like it’s cool, engaging in acts of violence against police, not giving a fuck about people who are worse off than them (homeless), hating on corporations, worshiping certain corporate leaders (Jobs) and engaging in zealous consumerism.
The OWS crowd largely consists of the following:
1. College students whose parents pay for school, iphones, cars, and clothes.
2. Recent college graduates unable to find/keep jobs because they a) have unreasonable expectations of the job/salary a degree qualifies them for or b) think that having a degree is a good excuse to refuse to do minimum wage work or to do half-assed work because they feel they deserve a better job.
3. Hippies who are dissatisfied with the way their life panned out and fail to see how the poor decisions they made could have led to their current circumstances.
4. Thugs, rapists, thieves, and would be assassins that thrive on the chaos that the movement creates.
Notable Participants:
Shelby: As the OWS movement leadership prefers to work behind the scenes the only known leader is a Border Collie named Shelby in Denver, Colorado. Shelby being a sheepdog is a fitting choice to lead this group and the decision has largely been hailed as the most intelligent decision made by the movement so far.
The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest today resulted in 1 murder, 2 rapes, 7 injured police officers, and thousands of dollars in property damage.
by integritymatters November 28, 2011