A rapidly growing city with over 120,000 residents. Home to many big-time companies and their CEOs. It is right across the lake from Seattle, and is one of the biggest business and retail destinations in the state. The city as a whole is the 15th wealthiest municipality in Washington, and certainly the wealthiest large city. However, Medina, Clyde Hill and Yarrow Point are the exclusive towns where the Microsoft people and Bill Gates live.

Downtown Bellevue is rapidly developing, with dozens of projects ranging from retail to business and condo towers going on right now. Recently boosted economy thanks to the construction of Lincoln Square and the expansion or downtown retail, restaurants and nightlife. Most of the people that live in downtown live in chic apartments and condos, single businessmen or wealthy immigrants.

Crossroads and Lake Hills is east of downtown. It's, relatively, the 'ghetto' part of Bellevue but is the most diverse part of the city, home to a lot of Mexicans and Indian people who work at Microsoft. Most girls in Bellevue visit Crossroads frequently because its home to Bellevue's Planned Parenthood. Factoria is south, and a LOT of Asian people live in the surrounding upperclass Somerset and Newport Hills area.

The city of Bellevue has the state's largest Asian population per capita, and 1 in 4 residents were born outside of the U.S. Besides wealthy white people who are the majority, there are large Mexican, Jewish, Eastern European, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Persian communities on varying levels of the economic scale. Yes, there's even poor white people in Bellevue, too.

People in other parts of the state generally stereotype Bellevue people as being cultureless, wealthy and stuck up. The majority of the city voted for Kerry in the last election, which shows that a lot of the wealthy people in Bellevue are less conservative than most rich people. While its true the students have better cars than their teachers, and that in the Bellevue High School parking lot you will see many BMWs and Lexuses, not everybody has money to blow off.

The high schools:

Bellevue High - Awesome nationally known football team, kids from the wealthiest parts of Bellevue go here including Medina, Clyde Hill, Yarrow Point, Enatai, Woodridge and the downtown area. Thanks to them, and all the Asian kids that go there it is in the top 100 of the best schools in America. It has approximately 1600 students.

Newport High - Academically the best school, also one of the top 100 best schools. Kids in the Factoria, Eastgate and Newport neighborhoods go here, also the wealthy Somerset and Newport Hills areas. It has approximately 1500 students.

Sammamish High - Serves a more diverse student population than any of the schools, including many poorer neighborhoods including Lake Hills, but also Bridle Trails. It's also in the top 100 schools, and is the most modern school in the district, including a new 8 story auditorium. It has approximately 1200 students.

Interlake High - Considered the poorest school in Bellevue, it's also in the top 100 schools and has the IB program. They aren't really good at sports and it has Bellevue's lowest graduation rate. It is the smallest school at 800 students.

Robinswood - The alternative where all of the schools send struggling students so they can keep their graduation rates and academic reputations.
I live in Bellevue, Washington. Yea, my parents make a lot of money and I have a BMW, but who cares?

by RobYoung August 19, 2006
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A city in Washington who's high school has a strong football program, mainly successful due to recruiting and income from boosters.
Guy 1: I go to Bellevue high school! Where do you go?
Guy 2: Liberty
Guy 1: Oh your football team suxors lulz.
Guy 2: Well at least our Entire football team isn't recruited from Samoa.
Guy 1: o_O
by Blahzorg October 3, 2011
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A city across Lake Washington from Seattle. Bellevue used to just be "Microsoft Town" but over the past couple of decades it has gone into a boom. Like New York City, Bellevue has several "boroughs" that people like to just consider part of the actual city itself in a broad sense.

Mercer Island: This is where all the Jews live. Housing prices here are a fucking joke, and the ongoing gentrification isn't helping. Probably the snobbiest of the boroughs, if only because the truly rich people on Medina and Clyde Hill don't need to reassure themselves of their superiority. Home to Mercer Island High School, pitiful rivals against the almighty Bellevue High.

Sammamish: Sits on a plateau just outside Kirkland. For this reason, people in Sammamish like to quip "We're above the guys in Bellevue. LOLOL, GET IT?". The town has a good mix of poor and rich, and actually has entertainment venues. Sammamish High School looks outright space-age and has an 8-story auditorium that I doubt has ever even been 1/3 of the way full. Bellevue Community College is located in Sammamish, and it is mostly a mix of fob Asian students and kids who couldn't get into UW but still want to say they're going to school.

Kirkland: The most polarized of the boroughs. Kirkland has two main groups of people; the California-obsessed preppy kids, and the scenester/gangster kids. I don't mean scene in the harmless cute way, I mean it in the "those kids are probably passed out naked every Friday night from a combination of meth and sex" way. The edge of downtown is on the waterfront, so people from the other boroughs and even parts of Seattle flock here during the summer. Less than a mile east of the beach, however, is the inner part of downtown, which is constantly sprawling with the aforementioned sketchy kids who don't seem to realize it isn't Halloween. Kirkland has Lake Washington High School and Juanita High School, both decent academically but nothing special, and also has BEST High School, where the sketchiest of the sketchy go. Oh, and there's ICS, but let's not give them the honor of being mentioned. Nerds.

Redmond: Go like 3 minutes East of Lake Washington High and you're here. When people who don't work at Microsoft actually started living in Bellevue, the Microsoft employees all flipped shit and decided to bunker up in here. The entirety of Redmond is almost indistinguishable from the landlocked portions of Kirkland, so honestly you might not even realize you're here until you hit the town center. Home to Redmond High School, again, nothing special.

Medina, Clyde Hill, and those other rich places: The richest of the rich at Microsoft decided they were too good for Redmond, so they all bought giant lots here. There isn't much else to say, really. All the kids here just go to Bellevue High anyway.

Downtown Bellevue itself: There are constantly a bunch of cranes parked every which way, giving the impression that there is construction, but in my 3 years of living here I haven't noticed any difference in all those skeletons-of-skyscrapers. Bellevue has a pretty nice, big mall and a square where there is a Cheesecake Factory and Red Robin. Mmm. Junior High kids tend to hang out there like every day because they think it makes them look cooler, but once you're in high school you tend not to leave your borough. Go figure.
Bellevue is yawn.
by yazdiane November 23, 2008
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A town in north central Ohio, located about 15-20 miles south west of Sandusky (where Cedar Point is). Population 8,193. This town is a major hub of the Norfolk Southern railroad and is on US 20, the longest US route in America. Bellevue's population is made up of mostly Italian and German decendants and it's high school sports teams are named the "Redmen". There are a few dine in restaurants, and a lot of fast food and pizza joints.
I just drove though Bellevue, and I had to wait for 2 trains.
by osu fan August 8, 2006
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The richer part of western washington, where rich white teens try to act like poor black rappers. The city itself resides about 10 minutes from Seattle, where all the homeless teens live across from Lake Washington.
What the hell are you talking about, Issaquah sucks, Bellevue High ownz Issaquah's ass!!
by jl533 August 6, 2005
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city in washington who has one of the best high school football teams in the nation.(Bellevue High). Becoming the next Seattle with the population growing rapidly along with the expansion of the city each day.Diverse place with many Asian,white,and black residents.One of the borders of Bellevue is Medina where Bill Gates Lives.
"Yeah Bellevue will win state again...They're just too good!"
by Kenon August 12, 2006
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Crazy, insane, or psychotic. Used in reference to a person or situation that is particularly cracked out. Term comes from the famous (or infamous depending on how you look at it) Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City.
"Ever since Chris started smoking again he's been getting bellevue like wicked."
by Wu Tang Clan August 1, 2006
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