such an amazing friend and has a huge heart, will always be there for you no matter what. is also very sweet and extremely caring, pretty, talented, smart, and amazing!! :D
isnt rena amazing?

by karnisheexx May 31, 2013
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the smartest & prettiest girl you will ever meet
i cant believe i was such a jerk and broke up with rena because i wanted "other" things
by xTiiTyLiickerx69 July 7, 2011
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Rena is known for her beauty. Yet she might not believe it. Rena is fairly talented mostly for her beautiful voice she could sing her heart away as everyone would smile in joy. Rena is known to be the person who will take others safety before hers. Rena is too generous though many can see her as angry but that’s just because her path in life is tough. Rena in Greek culture would be called Irene
Person:Yo Ren-ah
Rena:no it’s Ree-nah
Person:Oh okay Reeeen-nah
Rena:ARE YOU KIDDING ME -breaths- I’m fine leave me alone
by Hint:It’s{\__/} April 29, 2019
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A beautiful, mysterious, and intelligent girl who is as unique as her name. Do not piss her off. Bad temper!
She's a cool girl, but she's not a Rena.
by Cherry Salem December 7, 2016
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A bird that doesn't fly straight.
Look a Rena just flew into a tree :D
by Sexy Beech January 1, 2012
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n. 1) A seemingly unattainable female that you finally get to have sex with after having had a crush on her for years.
2) A relationship (usually sexual) with a seemingly unattainable female, which boosts a man's ego, and restores his faith in the human race.
1) “I dug her for years, but she never paid attention to me; then all of a sudden, Boom! -I got a Rena.”

“I was feeling totally down and unattractive, then I had a Rena with girl next door and now I'm feeling like I can walk on air.”

by Ineversawthelightuntilnow February 1, 2009
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Rena is cursed. Everyone pronounces her name wrong. EVERYONE.
Rena: my name is rena
person: renae?
rena: rena
person: raina?
rena: rena
person: wrenah?
rena:... i quit.
by ToxinChild October 30, 2019
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