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A handsome tan man with green or hazel eyes who is chiseled and is very well spoken. He can be romantic. He is distant.

He is very secretive and mysterious.
Friend 1: do you know Remo?

Friend 2: yeah, we would flirt.

Friend 1: what? So would we? He flirted with me, too!
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by Shameless! May 11, 2018
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1. An amazing and trustworthy friend. A person who knows and understand their worth and tries to treat others as she would like to be treated. Has nothing but a mind full of intellect and a heart full of love.

2. A great thing or feeling
1. Onthatile: "Remo gives such amazing advice"

2. Onthatile: "I saw this movie last night and it was beyond lit, it was Remo"
by Luckยฐ November 02, 2018
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One who is too stupid to be considered moronic, yet is functional enough to not be classified as retarded.
That's the second time Noah fell down the stairs this week, what a Re-mo.
by Egddmachado February 17, 2008
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To work remotely; to be located in a separate place from other coworkers or the company that employs you, on either a temporary or permanent basis.
โ€œDo you have to go into the office to work?โ€ โ€œNah, I remoโ€
by January 31, 2019
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