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It's relative to the person asking the definition..
Relativism pretty much means What is true for me is true for me and what is true for you is true for you..
by thesquareof4 March 26, 2012
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A worldview common in the West (but held by very few philosophers) which people arive at after very little actual thought. Consists of the notion that there is no single objective truth, and that no one can say anything is true.

Ironically, no one who adheres to relativism can say that relativism is true.
Smart person: "How can you objectively claim that there are no objective claims?"

Relativist: *brain melts* "Stop persecuting me, you xenophobe!"
by Grim Winnebago January 09, 2004
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a very common belief these days. revolves mainly around the idea, "what is right for you isn't right for me". denies that there is truth at all. many relativists realize that mathematical truths cannot be disproven, but they still susbscribe to the idea that multiple opposing ideas can exist in the same realm and still produce no conflicts.
hitler thought it was perfectly fine of him to kill millions of people. obviously, he was a relativist. the people he oppressed obviously didn't have the same veiw, and look at what happened. they were killed.
by karl June 08, 2004
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Everything is relative. This means that all belief systems are equally true, except for Christianity and anything remotely pro-western or pro-American.

Also, since relativism holds that there is no center of truth, it is a perfectly valid opinion to say that "Plan 9 From Outer Space" is a better movie than "Citizen Kane", because my opinion is just as valid as yours, even when I don't bother to back it up.
by Killing Kittens December 06, 2006
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