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To give a gift that you have received to someone else.
She's a regifter!
by Genku July 29, 2003
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verb. To repackage or rewrap a gift one receives and give it to someone else.
Elaine gave Tim a label-maker for Christmas -- and he re-gifted it to Jerry!
by Electric Santa Claus October 17, 2003
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scandalously repackaging and claiming to have purchased on your own a previously received hideous piece of crapola and giving it to someone else as if you had actually been thinking about what they would enjoy.
Your mother buys you some crappy made in china plastic wal mart creation. You unwrap it, take off any identifying tags, place it in a box from Saks fifth avenue, and "regift" it to someone else.
by Lydia Holm May 18, 2006
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To receive a crappy gift that you dont want or need and pass it on to someone else as a present.
Grandma gave me a horrible sweater for my birthday, so i re-gifted it to John for Christmas.
by sbrunner December 25, 2006
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To keep a collection of gifts you have received in order to send or gift them to someone else.
Mommy, it's my friend Jonny's birthday next week.
That's great honey, go to the re-gift closet and pick something out.
by LocoPingvin January 21, 2007
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what you do with all gifts from grandma, or other people who are addicted to giving needless, redundant gifts: wrap it back up and give it to someone else.
Sallie: "I think I have enough potholders, pajamas, dishtowels, socks, coffee mugs, sweaters, and pocket knives to last me a lifetime"

Jason: "Just regift that junk!"
by Shumado December 23, 2010
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regifting is when you receive a rubbish, thoughtless present from someone, so instead of using it, or throwing it away, you save it until next year, wrap it up and give it to the same person who gave it to you.
Me: Mark, a can opener.... Thanks...

<next year>

Me: Here Mark, here's your Christmas present.
Mark: A can opener? How dare you fucking regift me this!
by Jay Sea December 04, 2008
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