(rE-D'on-kU-lus); Adjective, can be loosely used as a noun in certain situations.

Closely related to ridiculous.

Pertains to any situation, and happenstance that isn't to be taken lightly; This is an advancement of the word ridiculous, can be used in a variety of situations / brick-a-brack.
For instance, your drummer who is waiting to start practice and tryout a new singer calls you for the third time..

“Dude, …I’ll get there when I can; the freeway has been blocked for over 45 minutes…this is f’n redonculous..”
by M. McConachie February 16, 2006
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A more ridiculous way to say ridiculous.
Man did you see Marks new rims, they are Redonculous!!!!
by Willie-B November 20, 2006
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Nickname for someone who is stronger than they look or possesses retard strength.
All hail Redoncules. Such a mighty grip from such a small seemingly frail individual.
by amoebabadass August 29, 2017
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something so rediculous that it is redonculous (I know this is circular); beyond rediculous
My friend Francesca says it all the time
you were waiting 45 minutes? for a hamburger?? That is totally redonculous
by Samuel Freedman December 08, 2004
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