Dark skin black women contrary to popular belief that is what is actually being referenced unlike a light skin women which would be referred to as yellow bone
P1: That redbone over there is pretty
P2: Who, Tanya?
P1: No, that’s a yellowbone, she’s light skin, I’m referring to the dark skin redbone
by Klark July 27, 2021
A hunting breed of dog is usually dark red in color.
by YourBoiCrip December 18, 2022
A boy or girl who is mixed race and is good looking
Shanice:man that guy is so beautiful

Demisha:init I love redbone boys
by Redbonebbc November 29, 2019
1. A person of mixed European, African and sometimes Native American ancestry who appears white and is culturally and legally considered white.

2. The child of a White person and an Octoroon (a person who is 1/8 Black) as well as their descendants.
Many Redbones are descendants of the Melungeons – an extinct mixed race ethnic group of European, African, and Native American ancestry – who were assimilated into White American society.
by Wordwiz1.0 May 31, 2022
After getting a blow job, I will give her the redbone of respect and that should shut her up for a while.
by JimmyHatJoe December 15, 2010