Red bone and yellow bone came from Louisiana. When the Spaniards invaded Louisiana, their offspring were red skin, mixed hair types, larger lips, and flatter or smaller noses than either of the Spanish or native American people. Then, after France invaded, crosses between "white" and either Spanish or Native American also were red bone.

Yellow bone were the "white" people crossed with a red bone.

From each, cam what was known as "high yellow bone" or "high red bone". This was a second generation crossed back to a "white" person of color. Several countries were present with skin colors of white, such as France, England, or Nova Scotia people.
That family is definitely redbone, they are too red to be African-American and to brown to be Spanish-American.

Same with yellow bone, to light in color to be African-American, but too dark to be of true native country from which "white" colored people came from.

Used in the deep south until 1980's.
by Dubweiser October 30, 2016
In the 1970's, an insult describing a non-Native American who sympathized with Native American rights.
"You look white, but act Indian - you must be a redbone under that skin".
by Dragonlady Leanne September 15, 2007
A colored person with redish colored skin.
If you are a Donald Glover fan then you would know one his songs are called Red-bone. When you go to Genius to look up the lyrics it would say “Redbone” is a term for a light-skinned black woman."
"She/He has a little red tone to her skin? Oh she's a Redbone!"
by ....:( October 29, 2018
A person of Cherokee descent (Red-Indian)
"My girlfriend is 1/16th Cherokee so that means shes a redbone, right?"
by yeehawhahalongboy March 5, 2019
a lightskin person with red undertones. Usually multiracial people have this skin tone. A result from an interracial couple or slavery in their bloodline. I love this skin tone the most it's look warm and pretty.
Mariah Carey, Doja Cat and Beyoncé have yellow undertones not red. Megan The Stallion is more brown skin not a redbone.

Example: Rihanna or Jhené Aiko
Example 2: Nicki Minaj or Yung Miami from the City Girls
by cancer_moon princess August 12, 2022
Leon Redbone (b. 1949) is a guitarist and singer whose style focuses on genres from by-gone eras. Mainly, his repetoir consists of songs from vaudeville, old country blues numbers, Tin Pan Alley classics, early jazz (before there was much of a distinction between jazz and blues), ragtime, and various folk songs.

As a musical revivalist, he dresses the part -- usually sporting a fedora, a white suit, dark sunglasses, and a mustache and soul patch. This costume-like persona and his secretiveness have led many to speculate about his true identity. Initially, many thought he was simply another of Andy Kaufman's characters. Others suggested he may be Frank Zappa. David Letterman once proposed that he was Don Novello.

Like fellow musician Mose Allison, Redbone is not well-known outside certain music circles yet has a loyal cult following. Another thing the two artists have in common is a fanbase that consists of legendary songwriters Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. Dylan once said if he started a record lable he would immediately sign Redbone. And fellow revivalist Ramblin' Jack Elliott also expressed being impressed when seeing him perform.

With such giants touting his talents, with his creation of a character no one knows the real orgins of, and with his mastery of interpreting early 20th century American popular music (fusing beautifully the Anthology of American Folk Music with the Great American Songbook), Leon Redbone is one cool mothafucka.
Clueless Guy: Hey, what's that you're listening to now, Mose Allison again?

Me: No. Leon Redbone, bitch.
by Ozarkian July 11, 2010