when you are having hardcore violent sex with alison, and she bleeds all the way through to her tail bone. originated from texas.
urgh alison is such a dirty hussy, she just did a texas redbone
by fraser mcdonald March 2, 2009
The act of having sex while wearing a condom while female is on her period, and at the completion of the male climax, removing the condom, tying the end off, and "slingshotting" into the air across the room, thus, like a deploying paratrooper.
Man, My girlfriend was so horny on the the rag the other day, we had crazy sex and I redbone paratrooper -ed the condom like 15 feet into the toilet from her bed.
by Bozerk September 6, 2010
A female who is mixed/biracial and is usually the most attractive girl around.
That new girl is a thick redbone chick I need to ask her out
by Themany45 October 4, 2017
A near-incomprehensible folk-country singer only popular with people over 50. Listening to Leon Redbone has caused people who listen to non-shitty music to claw at their ears until they pop their eardrums. Listening to him is said to mentally bring you back to the old country farm, where you can see horses being milked.

Yes, horses.
I'd rather listen to panic at the disco! than Leon Redbone. And Panic at the Disco! makes my asshole turn inside out.
by Spontaneous bootay August 16, 2009
A redbone (light-skinned black girl) with a curvaceous body similar to the shape of a coca-cola bottle
by Raillio August 28, 2009
Dark skinned beautiful women and a light skinned beautiful women.
Man I got deez bad azz Chocolate Fees and Redbones im bout to bring to da club tonight! Holler at your boi!
by StreetGhost July 7, 2010
Black or mixed person with reddish hair and freckles.
Look it’s a black ginger!
Yeah but they call that , redbone.
by Nunya incorporation March 8, 2022