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When at a party, while everybody is drinking, you are sipping on non-alcoholic beer.

The word and usage comes from the red cans of Old Milwaukee Non-Alcoholic beer.

Normally, red canning it, refers to Mormons who don't drink alcohol (5%), responsible people who don't drink alcohol(5%), or potential sex offenders who generally do drink alcohol but just are looking to "score" on a pissed-drunk young (most likely under-aged) woman (90%).

Despite the reason, every person red canning it, appears to be drinking and therefore:
1. receives no questions about not drinking;
2. does not appear gay;
3. receives minimal peer pressure;
4. gets all the numbers; and

5. makes out with all the girls who are drunk.
Dude One: Dude Two! She totally made out with me while I was red canning it. I remember the whole thing!

Dude Two: Do you know what Megan's Law is?
by InsertPseudoNameHere January 14, 2011
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