To take a very nasty crap. Usually explosive diarrhea. The term is derived from the sound of the poo splashing into the toilet water along with the contents of the toilet generally look like vegetable beef soup.
"Oh man, my stomach feels jacked. I think it's time to open a can of soup."
by Jim Pony August 8, 2009
When a girl wants to take you home to have sex but you are a retard a blow your chances so offer her a can of soup
(Girl) hey I’m not sleeping with you tonight. (Guy) well what do you want a bowl of soup or something leading to the guy using a can of soup and some fresh tiger loaf
by Massive corey October 7, 2020
Another way to say that you understand what someone is saying.
Ex: "Did you see that episode of The Walking Dead last night?? It was insane!"

"Ya! I can smell your soup from here!"
by Familyfirst22 March 26, 2017
A can of bean soup is something that is very lovely and lonley,,, its also liquidy. I guess, LMAO
I love to drink a can of bean soup when its pouring outside
by Noodle allie February 8, 2021