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A lower income neighborhood with public housing that is located in the middle of predominantly white suburbia. Suburban ghettos are predominantly black and or latino in character. Similar to a ghetto neighborhood in the city, the only white people you will see in this neighborhood are cops. Strangely, enough, suburban ghettos are located within one block of much more affluent neighborhoods. Depending on how rich the suburb is generally, the suburban ghetto tends to be cleaner looking than a real hood in the inner city. Suburban ghettos are always the poorest housing developments in the entire suburban county. Robberies and ass-whoopings are commonplace in the suburban hood. Suburban ghettos tend to have less violent crime like murders than urban ghettos because suburbia has cops out the ass. A huge percentage of a given suburban town's police force is always present in a suburban ghetto. God forbid these poor darkies do something scare the pasty white people who jog on the side walk right outside the suburban hood.

Much like the projects in the city, suburban ghettos tend to be the epicenter of the drug trade. Because of this, cops can be seen regularly busting down the door of some poor man's home with AK's and K-9's. People who live in suburban ghettos are more likely to sell drugs than their more well-to-due neighbors because they want the same wealth and status that they have. It is rough for people who live in public housing in the affluent suburbs because they see people around them with a standard of living that they may never achieve. All the white people who live across the street have perfect families and perfect homes drive new BMW's while suburban ghetto residents go to bed at night hungry and come from poor broken homes and don't even have cars. Suburban ghettos exist in practically every major metropolitan area in the United States. The suburban ghetto phenomenon is just another testament to the extreme racial and socioeconomic inequalities caused by intense segregation in American society.

Enter the suburban ghetto:

Black kid: "You the only white nigga I seen walk through here in my whole life. The only white mawfuckers that come through here is the boys..."

White kid: "Oh yeah?"

Black Kid: "Yeah, erytime I see ya ass you driving that big E-Class Benz. What the fuck you doin walking through here anyway nigga?"

White:"Well, I was just walking to the supermarket, man..."
by The Eye of the Sentinel July 10, 2008
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