Noun- when you have been dated and dumped by the same female multiple times

Best explained through examples

Multiple people can be in one girl's recycling bin

Being in the recycling bin is one step worse than the friendzone
1.) "Jimmy was frustrated as he had been in Lara's recycling bin for over two years."


John: hey bob, when are you gonna win Grace back?

Bob: I don't know, I've tried many times. Been in the recycling bin for about two years now.

John: Bummer, you may never escape from Grace's massive recycling bin.
by Hdog99 October 28, 2014
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Where your deleted items go. You can either restore them or delete them permanently. It's some sort of a limbo of computer files
I deleted a folder and later restored it from recycle bin
by spoolsv.exe May 27, 2009
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Where you put unwanted or ex girlfriends.
I got tired of my lady so I had to throw her ass in the recycle bin.
by dirty mac January 7, 2011
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when you revisit an old boy/girlfriend usually for a late nite booty call or during a "Dry-spell"
Got drunk last night and visited the recycle-bin ended up calling my ex-boyfriend... yikes!
by Tammy Jessett September 6, 2007
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When you have exhausted all other options, and/or have recently been dumped, and start going through old e-mails, texts and phone logs to see who you can scrounge up for a date or hook-up, so you can get some attention and feel temporarily better about yourself.
After Dave dumped me, I resorted to Recycling Bin Dating and found an old e-mail from John, since I dropped his ass last year and knew he would be dying to take me out.
by Gia Money January 3, 2009
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Person who is deathly afraid to clean out their recycle bin.
Jim is such a recycle bin hoarder. I had to work on his computer today and would you believe he still has files in there from 3 years ago!
by OV Darts February 2, 2011
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Discovering what should not have been found after a very poor attempt of deleting so called evidence...

Term related to a computer technophobe who actually thinks clicking delete on an incriminating photo, video, document or other actually got rid of it...
Jane... No, That never happened. You can check through my photos & videos if you like!

Joe... Yeah, I know, I already did that...and caught you Recycle Bin Red Handed! You dumbass...

Jane... but I deleted it...?

Jim... Yes, so you did...which makes it worse!

Jane... eh?

Jim... My point exactly!
by Schnoopy November 9, 2011
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