To reconnect would be to hang out with friends you have barely hung out with, or friends that you barely even see and try to get the old gang together. Another definition means to try to reconnect after disconnecting from a laggy ass match while playing online.
Some Guy: Hey you it's been a while!

You: Uh yeah who are you?

Some guy: We went to high school together, from way back man! Man it's great to see friends from way before.

You: I think I remember now, you sniffed that girl's ass crack back in high school, it sure is good to reconnect.
by Truter October 01, 2017
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An up-and-coming boy band, ReConnected consists of three members, brothers, Harry Paul Mondryk and Max Alexander Mondryk, and their close friend Matthew Thomas Peter Fitzgerald. The three boys were first seen as Connected on Britain's got talent in 2010, along with twins, Ryan and Myles Connor. Unfortunately, the band split soon after the BGT tour. Now, the three boys have blossomed, and fans are currently awaiting the release of the ReConnected album, featuring all the original songs: ReConnected, Superhuman, December, Stranded, Wish You Were Here, and Seeing Stars. They inspired the 'new planking' Superhumaning.
Becky "They don't know, they'll never know just what we got..."

Anna "We've been a-safe for so long.."

Ocean "What song is that?"

Anna "It's December by ReConnected"

Becky "Why, do you like it?"

Ocean "It's amazing!"
by DaBoomBoomRC September 10, 2011
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that annoying message you get on wireless controllers and broken wired controllers
Holy shit, I'm gonna fc TFFAF.

Xbox 360:
Please reconnect controller

Guy reconnects controller in anger.

*Sound of missed note*
by Spuh-am Man, the guy awesome October 02, 2010
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The thing that only shows up "randomly" when people know that the paper you're writing was either due last week or in five minutes. Seriously. someone really hates you and they know how much this makes you go insane. I personally think they're trying to drive you to the point of literally throwing your computer out the window.
Oh, yeah, " trying to connect. to edit offline, sync when you reconnect. " my a$$

when some one really, really hates you.
by ummmmmmm..... you? December 10, 2018
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