When the holiday of Halloween falls on a weekend (being a Friday, Saturday or Sunday), the entire weekend is then dubbed to be a Halloweekend. It may refer to the entire weekend being considered as one large, three night holiday.
John: Hey what are you plans this weekend?

Linda: Halloween is this weekend, I have some mad parties to go to during this halloweekend.
by thecunningjoker October 30, 2009
The weekend before Halloween (starting on Thursday and ending on Sunday or whatever day Halloween falls on). It do not matter what day of the week Halloween is because parties happen all weekend long. Halloweekends are usually at colleges where they party hard. Many people have multiple costumes for each night of Halloweekend.
James: Man, my professor scheduled an exam the Monday after Halloweekend.

Ryan: That sucks! I'll be partying hard all Halloweekend!
by Cougargirl3 October 30, 2011
the weekend before and/or after Halloween. On years where halloween falls on a friday, saturday, or sunday, the weekend of halloween is halloweekend.
Halloween is next tuesday. I'm going to a spooky party this halloweekend.
by Elissa loverman October 31, 2017
when Halloween happens during a Saturday or Sunday
Alex: hey fred, what are you doing for haloween this year?

Fred: Nothing. Halloween is on a Monday this year. I wanted Halloween to be on the HalloWeekend.
by scarfacekid325 October 25, 2011