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Similarly to being friendzoned in which either a male or female is interested in said relationship but is strictly always roleplaying in chatrooms such as in Twitch.tv or any online chatroom for that matter. Usually engaging in Erotic Roleplay or any sexual act. Some may compare this to having online friends when it comes to online gaming and other platforms being used such as Steam. Remember that chatzoning is something that is usually being hinted at when engaging in said activities although only being implied and pretending in a chatroom. This term is usually to gain a certain following or spark a random Clout therefore being called a "chad" if you must when online.
Guy 1: Dude this chick online said she wanted to meet up and watch a movie and afterwards go fist each other.

Guy 2: You sure that happened? Seems to me that all you guys do is put on a little act and pretend stuff happens in that chatroom. Bunch a filthy chatzoners.

Guy 1: Actually I was up for it but I think I was the one being put in the Chatzone.
by Truter February 28, 2020
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Choco Busting is when you masturbate while trying to take a shit. Essentially something that nobody really does but you don't know that of course. It is also a tactic someone does when constipated to try and take a shit and afterwards if successful you bust a nut on your human chocolate. This can also be done when you're not having problems taking a dump but can still go ahead and masturbate during the process.
Guy: Hey what's taking so long in there?

Guy 2: I'm taking a dump but it got stuck

Guy: Have you tried choco busting?
by Truter September 20, 2018
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A best friend that can be met through college. Someone who will later on could be your future co-worker, hence the name "Highlands Janitor" they're too worthy to be a janitor. They can also be offered Granola Bars and if you want, can also invite them to your dorms, that's if your college has dorms. One should be REALLY careful when meeting a Highlands Janitor, they can do some weird things. Weird sexual things while at it as well. See also best friend or sex offender
Ralph: Hey Highlands Janitor, you want a granola bar?

Highlands: Sure my boy, but hey maybe later on we can do some freaky shit.
by Truter November 09, 2017
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A Horny Definition consists that of someone's name and always appreciating how much of a beautiful name or what kind of a person someone is judging by their name. You will see an amount of horniness when you look up a name here in Urban Dictionary. Names such as Nathan or even Lucy will have a great appreciation of how beautiful they can be or what an amazing person they are when it could be completely the opposite and totally half assed.
Kyle: Hey man did you look up Cartman's name on urban dictionary?

Stan: Yeah I did and all I got was results of "how beautiful, not fat and how much of a big penis" he has when really he's completely the opposite, I tell you man urban dictionary has so many horny definitions.
by Truter February 29, 2020
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To reconnect would be to hang out with friends you have barely hung out with, or friends that you barely even see and try to get the old gang together. Another definition means to try to reconnect after disconnecting from a laggy ass match while playing online.
Some Guy: Hey you it's been a while!

You: Uh yeah who are you?

Some guy: We went to high school together, from way back man! Man it's great to see friends from way before.

You: I think I remember now, you sniffed that girl's ass crack back in high school, it sure is good to reconnect.
by Truter October 01, 2017
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Popsquad is a group inspired and is similar to Hansen Vs Predator they are this group who pose as an underage boy or girl online whether the predators are using grindr or tinder or whatever app they use to communicate and possibly catch said predators interested in underage kids. Although the one who records is known as nito short for Incognito they are still a group of people working towards letting the public know about the dangers of the internet so that parents are aware of what their children could encounter when browsing the internet.
Ralph: Yo you watch the new popsquad today man?

Jose: Nah I haven't watched their new video yet, maybe later on.
by Truter March 27, 2020
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To be covered in sperm or to be sprayed with sperm, this usually happens after you use blankets that have been spermed on and left alone without them being clean. However this can also happen if you happen to be fucking some girl/guy dog or whatever you like to fuck and the sperm is out of control and you can't stop so it becomes explosive and it ends up spraying you as well.

You may also refer to "Sperm Blanket"
Guy 1: Dude you smell kind of weird today, did you sleep at that hotel again?

Guy 2: Yeah why?

Guy 1: All the beds in there are the ones people fuck on and you'll get spermified if you stay the night and leave without taking a shower.
by Truter October 02, 2017
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