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When you have a powerful understanding thought for the first time that you are a rebel. In this action you are in acceptance that you are a rebel.
Man 1: When will you have a rebelation that you are a in facttrebel?

Rebel: I'm to rebellious to care
by lukemandese March 10, 2008
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To have a revelation that inspires one to rebel or revolt.
Example: "MF you are cheating on me? Oh it's on now! This is war..."

Example: Many citizens had a rebelation as they came to believe there were no weapons of mass destruction.
by Kevin Hendricks December 25, 2006
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The final book of the Bible, it is a warning to God of the mass-uprising that will happen if he doesn't quit being such a jealous selfish dictatorial ay-hole hypocrite and start treating his subjects like any decent leader should.
I don't think much of wading through the boring Books Of The Bible, but I did like the Rebelation chapter... it makes more sense and gives one more hope than all of the other Books combined.
by QuacksO September 13, 2017
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