Rebel is a style of dance that cultivated in the 90's here in El Paso Texas, Juarez Mexico and California, all for the love of House Music. This style of dance originally was deticated to only hardhouse music but as time progressed and music so did we. At first hard house was the main style of electronic played at clubs, then it gradually went to all house, we still kept on dancing for the love it, then we had the same story goin on but with electro, not all of us were all to happy with the change, some of us hated the music at first but then again we still wanted to dance so we kept up with the groove and ended up embracing it. We have changed the original hardcore, stomping style and incorporated it with styles such as groove, toprock, popping, disco, retro funk etc. where ever we could get ideas for new moves we'd used them, the majority of all Rebels create their own style. Rebel is a very original style of dance deticated to only electronic music, we have nothing to do with Tektonics, Jumpstyle nor Hardstyle Shuffle, we had these styles jotted down already and were dancing them 10 times better years ago before they came out. Battles play a huge role with Rebels, (which used to be pretty aggressive and physical) simply to prove which krew or dancer is better of course, (though some just liked the violent aspect about it lol) but also to push ourselves to progress, amongst each other i can pretty much say we only had one rule, "No Bitting"!!! (copying moves) amongst each other, sometimes people were cool with it if you were from the same krew! ,,,but rules of course would get broken and thats when battles would get pretty damn heated up!!! ja and thats one of the reasons people mainly have this misconception that all we like to do is fight! which we do right lol but to a certain extent ja. Im trying to compose a new video with as many different styles for your viewing pleasure and to get footage of the few old schools still around, before the old styles diminish, since mostly all have parted ways, and also to give credit were its due, to many new styles out their starting to look like Rebel, so Ladies and Gents, this is Rebel.
- Shut the fuck up and dance! ;)
by REBEL915 August 7, 2009
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A rebel is a person who stands up for their own personal opinions despite what anyone else says. A true rebel stands up for what they believe is right, not against what's right. It's not about smoking crack, drinking till you're rendered unconsious, or beating the crap out of anyone that crosses your path. It's all about being an individual and refusing to follow a crowd that forces you to think the same way they do even if it means becoming an outcast to society. True rebels know who they are and do not compromise their individuality or personal opinion for anyone. They're straightforward and honest and they will sure as hell tell it like it is.
Erin was a rebel; she stood up to those who were fake or harassed others for being different.
by rebelrocker August 4, 2005
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A rebel is a person who stands up for what they think is right, or just their opinions, regardless of what anyone (often their authorities) think. It's about not following the crowd and going through the everyday motions. They are usually outspoken and straightforward, meaning they don't care what others think and will tell off anyone. However, there are exceptions; some rebellion is just through passive-agressive actions (i.e., Ghandi). Rebels aren't non-conformists such as those they would define as "Gothic" or "Emo;" If they don't conform, it's because they actually think conforming to the situation and not speaking out is morally wrong. Being rebellious isn't something you do by choice, you're born with it.
The founders of our country were all rebels in one way or another, and they defied Great Britain, and against all odds, won.
by Tigum April 25, 2011
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When you have a powerful understanding thought for the first time that you are a rebel. In this action you are in acceptance that you are a rebel.
Man 1: When will you have a rebelation that you are a in facttrebel?

Rebel: I'm to rebellious to care
by lukemandese March 10, 2008
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draws attention effortlessly
wears her own style
has a definite problem with rules and authorities
stands up for her fam
strong willed
is in their own category
she is such a rebel, jake thought a s he watched elena sashay past him
by teenrebelgirl October 22, 2016
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A unmade movie script written by Sydney Satalino, @rebellemovie on TikTok, about two girls, a rebel leader and her bodyguard, falling in love and overthrowing a worldwide dystopian government. The script has gotten a significant amount of online attention in the last few months due to TikTok.
Why has Netflix made Tall Girl 2 and not Rebelle?
by rebellefan May 2, 2022
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A person who does not conform to what others prefer.
She was a true rebel, fighting for what she believed in.
by Just Jean July 10, 2005
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