The best park in a parking lot, usually near the exit of the lot or near the entrance of the supermarket, shopping centre or mall.

When looking for a car park these are the first spaces you look for

See Also: Dream Park
1. "I am going to drive near the door and see if there is any real estate"

2. "That jerk in front of me took my real estate"
by Tom Hung March 23, 2006
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A crisis makes a lot of people a lot of money. You would think people looking to make money in real estate would want a crisis to go on for a while, to get more and more people paranoid enough to buy houses spaced a half mile apart somewhere.
The virus crisis is something people involved in real estate love, but it's going to fuck traffic up in areas that were once out in the country for everyone else, including the people moving out to these areas from densely crowded cities.
by Solid Mantis November 25, 2020
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A market for people to make money off people that want a place to live.
People and entities involved in real estate benefit the most from an influx of outsiders moving to an area, so of course they want high census counts and little to no resistance to their plan.
by Solid Mantis May 22, 2021
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An authoritative source that is not on your side.
Real estate experts/people involved in real estate want to tell peole what to do and how to do it, but also pretend to be one of them.
by Butter Cream Mouse June 04, 2021
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