A state sanctioned News Source. A News source that is an political organ of the state. A News Source that is friendly to the state. The American equivalent to Russia's Pravda, a state-run news source whose name means "the truth".
FOX News is the only News I listen to, it's Real News
by Insanity Claus April 10, 2019
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In direct contrast to mindlessly promoting "feeling or belief" over "the scientific method and proof"..."Real" Fake News, in the form of Social Media Sabotage and weaponized, systemic mis-information, represents a much more significant threat to our overall well-being.
So, there are many ways to fuck up a Country. Among the worst of methods is to actually believe "Real" Fake News.
by YAWA March 22, 2020
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When all the fake(news . sport. politics) has now made such global changes. It has now become "The New Real"
Hey Donald your so New Real
by Gina reinhart October 10, 2018
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A term used when someone does something or something happens that is completely unexpected or out of the ordinary. Or in some cases just pisses you off.
The way Sarah talked to me last night was Real Brand New.
by ShyGirl22 March 5, 2009
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when you say real talk on social media, but want to make sure everyone knows you’re from new york also so it’s that much more real
real talk new york im tired of this fuckin shit bro
by YungSuburb May 21, 2021
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A television show that features 5 middle aged women that are constantly clashing with one another. 4 of the 5 cast mates are related while the 1 was a stripper and ex-convict.

Teresa Giudice - Really dimwitted Italian woman
Jacqueline Laurita - Only normal woman on the show.
Caroline Manzo - Takes her family values to the extreme.
Dina Manzo - Carolines sister in law, two face.
Danielle Staub - The whole show's front story.
Typical dialog in a "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" episode

Teresa: Dina, did you hear about Danielle being a prostitution whore in the 80's?

Dina: Yes, and I have read the book and will deny it in future episodes.
by boxxybaybee June 15, 2010
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Something (usually a fact of some sort) that's incredible true.

An example of real news is that Emelie is an excellent friend and a really cool and awesome person.
Dude I have some real news for you

Yeah? Let's hear it

Ya know that chic Emelie? Yeah, she's dope as f*ck, and a great friend too.
by foldibjojk July 11, 2021
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