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A state sanctioned News Source. A News source that is an political organ of the state. A News Source that is friendly to the state. The American equivalent to Russia's Pravda, a state-run news source whose name means "the truth".
FOX News is the only News I listen to, it's Real News
by Insanity Claus April 10, 2019
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'alles' from the German 'everything', Allesexual is being sexually attracted to all living organisms and all inanimate objects.
Ernie: I am allesexual.
Bert: What does that mean?
Ernie: I will fuck anything.
by Insanity Claus July 4, 2019
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An American sex act where you stick a bald eagle up someone's ass
She said she liked Americans, so I gave her a 1776
by Insanity Claus November 26, 2018
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A Werewolf that doesn't now he is a werewolf
Jim: Don't tell Lon that he is a werewolf.
Jon: Why?
Jim: Because he's an unawarewolf? It should be a process of self discovery?
by Insanity Claus July 4, 2020
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