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The kind of fat that is on a girl around her mid waist which makes her not skinny but not fat. Its the kinda fat you want to fuck. Used like in the phrase "more cushion for the pushin' " without the girl being incredibly fat or unsexy

Also called FF for Fuck Fat.
Dan: you man, i want a girl, but all the hoes 'round here are all anerexic fuckers.

Zack: Dude, what 'bout Ellena?

Dan: Isn't she kinda heavy?

Zack: Naw man, i tapped that last week. Its All Sex Fat.

Dan: gotta love the FF.
by SecretJustin February 05, 2008

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The act of doing absolutely nothing but playing Halo Reach. Usually one "Reaches" instead of doing more important things like schoolwork or important dates.
Burnie: "Hey Geoff, did you finish that render i asked you to do a few weeks ago?"

Geoff: "Sorry, but i've been reaching every night."

Burnie: "Amen to that. I missed my kid's fourth grade play because of my reaching."
by SecretJustin October 06, 2010

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