Acronym- it stands for:

*1v3 in R6* “RCC. Good game y’all”
by Toasty nut June 28, 2020
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Abbreviation of the well-known organized suburbian gang "Rice-Curry-Connection". Originally founded in Maple; Thier members consist of, but is not limited to local youths to youths from the Jane-Finch corridor, Scarborough, Woodbridge, and the GTA in general. The name Rice-Curry-Connection derive from the typical stereotypes of the members origins and races. Rice for the Oriental members (Mainly South-East Asian); Curry for thier Brown counter-parts (Mainly Pakistani) and Connection is the link between the two. There are over 70 known members at the moment, and they are multiplying like killer bees in heat. They have been in Various newspapers in the GTA (Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Globe and Mail), (City Pulse, news website) and is a threat to local schools, neighbourhoods, and suprisingly the police.
"RCC is here at the party, watch out"
"I robbed this brown kid and got beat down by RCC"
"These RCC guys just have a bad rep. Really thier good people!"
by RCC May 08, 2005
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gorrilla like figure who has lots of hair growing in every place imaginable. usually refers to a dirty whore who likes to steal boys from their friends. tends to be an easy cunt who has to shave at least 65 times a day to keep her lawn tamed. snitch. bitch.
that girl is a rcc, she needs to back the fuck off my man

i have a lot of rcc's as "friends", they always steal my men
by LampLicker May 22, 2009
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A confession forums on facebook, similar to other confession forums, using the Survey Monkey survey test to anonymously confess. Gabe Alvarez, who has shockingly bland and tasteless humor, is the administrator. Gabe Alvarez is a tool, and needs to fix his teeth because they look like someone knocked over a bag with a bunch of scrabble pieces. The Confessions page supposedly caters to the Riverside Community College students, yet only a few followers are from the college, many have either moved on, dropped out or go to the JFK highschool. (I.e. Keith T. is a construction worker who went for only a few semesters).
Stranger 1: "Hey man do you use RCC student confessions???"
Stranger 2: "No man, I am straight unlike Gabe Alvarez"
by Ttman June 17, 2015
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RCC stands for Roll Cancel Clip
NicroVeda can RCC into this wall.
by Xdxboxjaja July 02, 2020
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