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Located in the city of Riverside, California. RCC has total of three campuses, one in Moreno Valley, Norco, and the original campus in Riverside. The Riverside Campus was first opened in 1916. Their college team is horrible but has a good nursing program. Over half of the students here are just old unemployed workers trying to "start" fresh but only here to get Financial aid and the other population are also bunch of losers attending school just to get financial aid. There is also students that are here to learn but not many. The professors here average or above some are actually funny and helpful.
Conversation #1

Kim: WTF why is Dannisha screaming across campus for??

Andy: Because shes having a full blown conversation with Dontae and Ebony. Its just another day at Riverside Community College.

Conversation #2

Myle: RCC is so pack, its impossible to find parking! Hey thats Tyrone parking his car hes my lab partner but never attends class.

Andy: Yea Riverside community college is always pack. Don't worry towards the end semester most students will drop, usually after the last financial aid check is mailed home.
by nurse andrew November 23, 2009
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