gamer slang for arse-sex
by MyNamesFuckinDave February 20, 2021
R6 ; is when the world wide web protects your opparations, if your fight/objective is/becomes undeniable. RESPONSE IS DEEMED AS : Unreasonable termination detected (and counterbalanced).

Objectively cease, wind up opparations immediately. (Derived from E=MC²)

Also see : Re Chunder

Nu-Gen code: Rb
Police/Government code: RB
RECOGNIZED< "TLOOOGC", & "MWHX2". Two codes I developed. I Googled them, and they both pulled up the same site. This means there is 'R6' active.

Shout Out to A37008, '*'. Public officer is j.wilson, who's considered as residing in Adelaide, Australia, and the one who is the IP Server.

(Code Y4) - mutiny* -- R6 is proven active.

® Building Block Solutions
by Bryn Benn April 19, 2020
Best Motorcycle ever in production by the Yamaha Company
Bro did u see that guys R6s with the Two Brothers Exhaust, it was sick
by R6srocker February 3, 2010
A shortform for Rainbow Six. A Tom Clancey game, in which MF owns all.
"I'm stoned, lets play some r6 man, I'll rape you."
by MF September 2, 2002
A video game made by Ubisoft mainly used for gay Josh to meet his gay lovers and have casual butt sex.
"Hey! instead of going on tinder today let's play R6s and see if we can queue with BrutalJ0sh!!"
by Joshlikesguys November 28, 2019
Getting a headshot and it doesn't count especially when when theres a hitmarker, team killers, bad teamates, weapons not doing the damage it says it does, and operation health.
This r6 bullshit is need to be fixed by the trash ubisoft servers .
by Fix rainbow six siege January 6, 2018
Blackbeard is a absolute dogshit character in the lovely game of Rainbow Six Seige that probably deserves a buff but some retard at Ubisoft HQ thought is was a fucking excellent idea to nerf the snail of a character some more in operation Para Bellum which was his final nerf (hopefully)
(Next patch) Person 1: are they’re finally giving Blackbeard r6s a buff.
Person 2: Nope they never will.
by GravityJaxo July 13, 2018