A Top Quality teacher from the Diff who was stupid but smart
Yo Rawlings, You good G?

Yh Man I’m good
by LBMA August 27, 2020
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Guy John smitshon can throw a knucklball like no other...
Johhnny rawlings just threw a knuckle!
by J April 7, 2005
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Self confident or conceited, he doesn't really care. Finds ways to connect with any crowd. Can lead when necessary but rather go with the flow. Romantic at heart but tough exterior. It will take time to really know him. Rarely ever single because of his charm and social attitude. SEXY! Certainly easy on the eyes. Will break your heart if you don't play the game well.
Can't go without me some Rawle
by therawle March 25, 2010
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to be sexually activated. engaged. involving passion and primal natures. (lang of origin, nautical term)
Wow - Shag guy got me so rawled up in my dream last night that I woke up straddling Haley!
by mookatoola July 13, 2021
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1) Verb; to attack or to maul. 2) Acronym; Internet lingo; to "roll around while laughing."
1) "We were arguing and out of no where he started to rawl me."

2) "I just heard a funny joke. I rawled for about 3 minutes."
by BlackNine April 7, 2008
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The art of being a right cunt...
mate, that was a rawling effort.
Your such a rawling mate.
by Bell52 October 15, 2006
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A former president of Ghana who ruled the country by killing all the former Presidents alive in that country. Most people know him as Scottish-bastard since he never-ever saw his dad. He spent two years searching for his dad but didn't see him.

Any bastard who turned up to be president by using one race/tribe against another eg Saddam Hussien, Robert Mugabe,etc.

Osama is rawlings all the Afghanistans!
rawlings is what osama does in afghanistan.
by Prosper October 20, 2007
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