a person who dont care about anything or anyone or even him self and loves to cause trouble and misery to everyone on the planet
a person who farts in a room full of people and dont care how bad it smells and owns up to it laughing there head off
look at that person over there hes drunk causing trouble hes A RIGHT CUNT!!!!
that person over there has just bin to the toilet and had a smelly shit and not flushed he A RIGHT CUNT
by elzz March 21, 2017
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To be a 'Right Cunt' is to be an absolute Asshole or fucken Prick!
I guess the 'right' just adds emphasis. Can also use 'bloody', 'proper' or 'full' instead.
"He was being a 'right fucken cunt', so I stepped in and fucked him up."
by Diego August 25, 2003
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A saying used by a Higher official to a lower Class, to state that they have the right to be a cunt because they deserve it for doing something important for the other. Similar to 'the Right to be a Cunt' it was shortened for easy use in conversation.

e.g King to Peasant, Home owner to Tenant, Person who pays the bills to Person who doesn't, Father to Son, Employer to Employee.
All you ever do is complain, I have the right to cunt in this house.
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