An incredibly hot iranian
boy who looks absolutely amazing in suits and black shirts. "Three in a row" describes his influence on girls' lives very well.
"What's your favorite hobby?" Cindy asked? "Rashied," the girl replied, as her cheeks turned red.
by coosyaa December 9, 2003
The best girlfriend one can have, the most lovely and amazing person. No one can compete withe her in intelligence, beauty and cuteness. Hold her to her if you find one.
by Milsssssssssss January 6, 2022
Lots and Lots, also means a beautiful women waiting happy endings also intellegent
Your friend:Hey who are you waiting for?
you:*sigh* Im waiting for food and my prince charming
your friend:Jesus (y/n) stop being a rashi!
by Rosie Henderson February 22, 2015
Its a girl name. Girls with these names are mostly born in December and June month. Their lucky number is 7.They are very pretty and have a pure soul. They just love asking questions because they are very curious. They are hardworking and are eternally smart. Its hard to become their friend as they are very selective but if you are their friend or boyfriend be lucky and never leave them because that will be the worst decision ever.
They- Look there she is my bestie Rashi!
Rashi- Im sorry, do I know you?
by Rk.narayan November 25, 2021
Rashi…an absolute beauty.Mesmerises anyone who looks at her…..Everyone loves her…Anyone who has her in there life is very lucky..She is an amazing sister,daughter,mentor and relationship partner….Don’t ever lose her.
I was so lucky to have rashi,losing her was my biggest regret
by November 23, 2021
Rashi is a cute
by November 23, 2021
Links to the feeling of a rash wanted to be scratched. Links to men in general like someone named Mobeen MObeen.
MObeen liked to scratch away in to the distance, this made his rashy boy
by Wayez December 19, 2019