The secret alter ego of a certain horse cocked, math loving, Jesus camp enthusiast, physics MASTER individual.
That Rasheed! He fucks like a stallion!
by Reddog13 October 19, 2021
Perfect , gorgeous , sexy , peng , handsome , amazing .

Rasheed Is the type of person that cares about people and he is trust worthy.

Every man wants to be like him and every girl wants to be with him.

He’s eyes are gorgeous and the only word that can describe him is heaven.

Prince charming .
Am I in heaven or is it just rasheed.
by Princecharming January 13, 2018
The Funniest guy on earth that can make you laugh for an eternities
bro i wish i was like Rasheed he is so funny
by definitelynotrasheed January 14, 2021
The awesomest forward in the world. Critisized by the nba media. Mostly misunderstood. Fuck you all hes the best.
by Patrick November 23, 2003
A black Nigerian scammer who desires hope and one day he hopes to have a lot of hope in him
Rasheed likes hope
by BBCinyour mouth November 23, 2021
A tall attractive black guy that everyone secretly has a crush on. One day you’ll meet rashee idk how but you will.
I wish Rashee went to our school, he’s so gorg.”
by Dominican Dude October 29, 2018
Mexican Rapper from Houston, TX. Under the record label "Dope House Records."
That nigga Rasheed went hard on that 3rd Wish cd mayne.
by 7-1-3 January 31, 2004