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The literal definition would posit a culture that advocates and normalizes rape, which is blatantly not true of the Western world and why people obviously deny it (because it doesn't exist).

Feminism's redefinition though... sigh... is a sub-ideology that concerns the collective issues, cultural ingraining and disparagement of rape. Basically a pseudo-theory that society has been groomed by patriarchy to enable and excuse rape.

Despite numerous flaws and dogmatic principle, many feminists and SJWs are pushing it as unequivocal fact. Its flagship slogan is "Don't tell me what to wear, teach MEN not to rape!".

Said slogan also defies reason.
A few tenets of this twaddle include:
- dissent of rape culture is proof of rape culture
- questioning a rape accuser is victim blaming
- rape accusers never lie
- consent is black and white
- porn grooms men to rape
- trials that do not find a conviction are rape culture
- this urban dictionary definition is rape culture
by shikaku August 26, 2014
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Shaming victims of rape, making women feel bad for having consensual sex, making fun and trivializing rape and not embracing sex positivity so the unfortunate victims of rape who want to put their rapist behind bars will have fear that they will be blamed.
1. Blaming a female for dressing like a "slut" instead of the rapists is an example of rape culture.

2. Teaching women how not to get raped instead of teaching, mostly men, don't rape is an example of rape culture.

3. Blaming the victim and not the rapist is an example of rape culture.

4. Telling rape jokes such as "This is my rape face" is an example of rape culture.

5. Denying rape culture exists.
by gotaproblemwithfeminists July 03, 2011
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Something that exists in the Islamic World and not in one of the most progressive secular countries on the planet. Yet somehow, the mythical "rape culture" here is the only one that feminists seem to pay attention to.
Anita: Oh my god, yesterday a man made eye contact with me on the train. We need to dismantle this rape culture!
Mark: Rape Culture? You mean like what they have in Saudi Arabia where you can literally get away with raping a woman because she was dressed provocatively (not wearing her hijab), an excuse that wouldn't fly here in an American court?

by WeenusPeenus August 14, 2016
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A term used when women want to claim that rape itself has been normalized in today's society, rape culture is just a way but not limited to woman who regret having sexual intercourse with a male and want to play victim cards like they're Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards!!!
Woman is all over man, man takes her home and they have sexual intercourse.

Woman - "you activated my trap card! Reveal face down trap card! "Rape Culture"!

Man is immediately banished to the shadow realm, or jail.
by Why Are You Gae? March 04, 2019
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Setting in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality.
Rape culture is prominent in all aspects and forms of society today and is a major social issue.
the reason being is, If rape culture is allowed to continue then men and women will view rape as socially acceptable.
Obviously Rape is socially unacceptable, and for those who don't think it's a problem how would ya'll neckbeards feel if some randomass dude walked up to you on the street and started beating the shit out of all the while saying "I bet you like that".

Rape is physical abuse.
Robin Thickes song 'Blurred lines', 50 shades of grey, and so on. Is part of Rape Culture
by LightFlux July 29, 2015
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A culture which sexually views women as objects and trophies to be "won" by men. Rape culture encourages and justifies men trying to 'obtain' women through dubiously moral methods with little regard for the wishes and feelings of the women involved.

Note: Rape Culture can also target men and LGBTQ people.
Dude 1: She didn't really want sex, but after getting her drunk, she just lay there and took it!
Dude 2: Awesome! *High five buddy*
Girl 1: Eww, I knew she was a total slut. She should take better care of herself.

Person 3 : You guys are all promoting rape culture. You should think about how your actions affect other people.
by JoseArcadio March 13, 2015
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