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Applying the Straw Man fallacy when arguing about feminism.
1.Someone tried talking about women's issues on the internet but people kept responding with straw feminist arguments.

2. Guy 1: "I hate feminists, they think all men are rapists and women are better than men."

Guy 2: No dude, those are just straw feminist arguments. Real feminists don't think like that.
by JoseArcadio March 13, 2015
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A culture which sexually views women as objects and trophies to be "won" by men. Rape culture encourages and justifies men trying to 'obtain' women through dubiously moral methods with little regard for the wishes and feelings of the women involved.

Note: Rape Culture can also target men and LGBTQ people.
Dude 1: She didn't really want sex, but after getting her drunk, she just lay there and took it!
Dude 2: Awesome! *High five buddy*
Girl 1: Eww, I knew she was a total slut. She should take better care of herself.

Person 3 : You guys are all promoting rape culture. You should think about how your actions affect other people.
by JoseArcadio March 13, 2015
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