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A term used when women want to claim that rape itself has been normalized in today's society, rape culture is just a way but not limited to woman who regret having sexual intercourse with a male and want to play victim cards like they're Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards!!!
Woman is all over man, man takes her home and they have sexual intercourse.

Woman - "you activated my trap card! Reveal face down trap card! "Rape Culture"!

Man is immediately banished to the shadow realm, or jail.
by Why Are You Gae? March 4, 2019
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Uce, short for Uso.

The term does not necessarily mean brother. It's more like "same sex sibling".
A male can call another male Uso, but a female can also call another female uso. However males cannot call females uso and vice versa.
by Why Are You Gae? March 4, 2019
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