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Something that exists in the Islamic World and not in one of the most progressive secular countries on the planet. Yet somehow, the mythical "rape culture" here is the only one that feminists seem to pay attention to.
Anita: Oh my god, yesterday a man made eye contact with me on the train. We need to dismantle this rape culture!
Mark: Rape Culture? You mean like what they have in Saudi Arabia where you can literally get away with raping a woman because she was dressed provocatively (not wearing her hijab), an excuse that wouldn't fly here in an American court?

by WeenusPeenus August 14, 2016
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The term for your non-religious or atheist brown friends
Jim: Hey, you should invite Ahmed to chill with us.
Bill: Isn't he like at the mosque or something?
Jim: Nah, he doesn't do any of that shit. He's a total Harambro!
by WeenusPeenus August 9, 2016
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