Summed up in five words: Nigga, ho, bitch, pussy, rims
Rap music when it was good: I got love for my brother, but we can never go nowhere, unless we share with each other. We gotta start makin changes, learn to see me as your brother stead of two distance strangers.

Rap music today: 20 fo inch rims and a bitch on my dick yo, fake ass niggas tryin to hate me but dey can't stop me nigga i want some pussy
by Doo man July 24, 2006
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Music created on a computer or recorded in short segments and then looped over and over again to set an ambient and meaningful background for the African American guy or white guy who wishes he was African American that can't sing to talk over top of it about ho's, bitches, money, "candy", or "y'all *insert one of various terms used in reference to home boyz or posers. your choice. this is where the creativity comes in*
I listen to rap music because I'm too lazy to give music a chance that might make me think, or have some meaning behind it.
by Poop DeDoop March 2, 2009
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the real definition of rap music is using fast paced rhyming verses accompanied with a heavy beat an synthesizing rhythms.
by fuck off May 6, 2003
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rap music is an art in which one can express themselves with rhyming words with the accompianment of rhythm and beats
by kekeshaka October 15, 2003
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A type of music originating in Jamaica from Ska and Dance Hall.Durivitives of Reggae,telling a story.
Selectors were the first DJ's. Them nauh spin the music they a talk it.
by Who March 2, 2005
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Bill: What are you listening to?

Bob: Rap music.

Bill: Ha. Thats funny.
by Dwight Trollinger January 6, 2006
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Musical style invented by Deborah Harry, lead singer of Blondie and perpetuated by music publishers curious to see how long; 1)African American males can continue to murder each other for trivial reasons and 2)African American females can continue to be exemplified as anonymous arm decoration and interchangable sex toys.
'It's a shame there's no handgun brand that rhymes with 'bitch' or 'ho', since it would make rap lyrics much easier to write'
by MYCRFT May 21, 2005
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