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6 definitions by Who

this is a very gay word all things about this word r awful and any one who uses it is a cunt
Mitch is a super big time burglar. not to be confused wit the ever famous trudburglar. Your a cunt who ever created it
by Who January 15, 2005
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one that uses swings to entrap small sheep
by Who October 4, 2003
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2 fl. oz of codeine syrup.
by Who March 5, 2005
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A type of music originating in Jamaica from Ska and Dance Hall.Durivitives of Reggae,telling a story.
Selectors were the first DJ's. Them nauh spin the music they a talk it.
by Who March 2, 2005
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Brotha from the west island who brings drama to their boss but sweet talks the ladies no matter how bad or fat they are.
Coach Biggabee is sweet talking Yen again? and the HR lady? and the Depenaur girl with the glasses? Why?
by Who February 17, 2005
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