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Music created on a computer or recorded in short segments and then looped over and over again to set an ambient and meaningful background for the African American guy or white guy who wishes he was African American that can't sing to talk over top of it about ho's, bitches, money, "candy", or "y'all *insert one of various terms used in reference to home boyz or posers. your choice. this is where the creativity comes in*
I listen to rap music because I'm too lazy to give music a chance that might make me think, or have some meaning behind it.
by Poop DeDoop March 01, 2009

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The greatest rock band to ever grace the earth; Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Neil Peart.
I've never met anyone who doesn't like Rush, and I've never killed anyone. There's a possible correlation, so I'd watch out if you have anything bad to say about them.
by Poop DeDoop March 01, 2009

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A brown penny-loafer with mold growing on the toe, sharing much the same color scheme as a mallard.
Hey man, your loafer is looking a little green on the end, it's starting to look like a duck shoe.
by Poop DeDoop September 16, 2008

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1. (n.) The skin beneath your chin from the bottom of your chin to your neck. Your 'underchin', so to speak.

2. (n.) A game in which opponents smack each other beneath their chin throughout the day until they get tired of it and call timeout.

3. (v.) The act of smacking someone beneath their chin.
I just smacked Garrett in the fimmis because he wouldn't shut up.

Fimmis - Wow, what an exhilirating game!

Yo, you just got fimmised!
by Poop DeDoop December 06, 2010

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