A oxymoron. For good rapping see (hip-hop).
Dude:what are you listen to? Dude 2: rap music. Dude: funny oxymoron but seriously what are you listen to? Dude 2: I said rap music. Dude: okay man let's talk when you aren't joking.
by sage thunder June 11, 2010
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Something that is tastless, and requires neither talent, nor technique. If you are a loser with no known talents, this is your ticket to fame.
"Rap stands for 'retarted atempted poetry."
by Liam Chang June 11, 2005
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Retards Attempting Poetry. A heavy holder of this horrible genre include rich white kids trying to act gangster and like they grew up in Harlem.
Rap music isn't a true form of expression. If I was a psycho, I could ramble about people getting rape, having sex, or about "Smacking mah bitch up" for cheating on me.
by Boon McBoon climbs a shroom April 24, 2006
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