A state of excessive chaotic, creative and whimsical energy.
Pointless; obscure; irrelevant.
randominity overtook her; rational thought turned into a bird and flew away
by Trudojo June 28, 2006
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when some one says something utterly random and kind of stupid but you have a giggle anyway.
Adam,"hey look my excel sum=41!"
Anna,"LOLZ! Oh the Randominity!'
by Meekalogical September 16, 2008
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Derives from the word random. Randominal is a deeper and more meaningful indicating that great thought has been put into the classification of something concerning its randomness.
A black cat walked by and terry exclaimed a few minutes later, "that was randominal."
by ilya the loud February 15, 2005
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(noun) An array of random things that are a necessary in life.
A plethora of randominities have been gathered to pack for this weekend's camping trip.
by plura January 05, 2010
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A sudden and surprising victory for all parties by the weaker competitor in a game of skill
Bob randominated the game of monopoly to the surprise of us all. Especially Bob.
by Ruinmikeyslife May 16, 2010
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