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Australian, n, hard-on; stiffy; woody; boner; erection etc.
I had a rajah a cat could sharpen its claws on mate.
by herbie August 31, 2004
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Hawaii Pidgin English
Roger, OK, Understood.
Guy 1: Bro, we go hit up the beach to surf.
Guy 2: Rajah

Guy 1: Yo before we head to the mall I gotta pick up money from the bank.
Guy 2: Rajah
by Rayaj June 19, 2016
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A person of royalty, male or female

A princess or prince

Lovely person

A woman with the same power as a man has
A man who has the same power that a women has
•that woman is so Rajah.
•that man is so Rajah
•all hail prince or princess Rajah

by Smith Stevens Jr November 06, 2014
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The act of being a playa. Someone having baller status. Natural-born ladies man.
Freddie Prince Jr. is soo Rajah!
by Sarah December 18, 2003
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