A beautiful girl who has the most amazing eyes one
has ever seen. She is a good friend, and amazing
girlfriend. She has many friends and many boys like
her. She's a good hugger and even better kisser. And
a nice fat booty.
saw Raha today, and i got a boner.
by shittyjin May 18, 2021
A unisex name wich is a persian word that means free
“Raha went home
“I raha-ed the bird
by Someone annoying June 10, 2020
A girl with an amazing personality and even better looks. If you have befriended a Raha keep her. If your with a Raha don't loose her. Raha has good characteristics but she doesn't take crap from nobody!
by winteraustralia December 28, 2022
OC Locc from 60s crips

Lead artist in the Rollin' Raha's ( Check Limewire )
"Did you see Raha's dick? They call it cock-a-saurus rex"
by Sterno-Claydo-Mastoid May 25, 2009
Raha is probably a midget...she's a real ranga. If you ever find a Raha, make sure you hook her up with any dudes named Dylan. They are a really good couple together probably the best in 2021. Raha & Dylan <3
Dylan saw Raha and immediately got a boner. Now his dick is finally visible after being in hibernation all year
by Dicklover60 October 2, 2021
Poor, noo money. Searches for food in trash cans.
OMG i saw raha searching for food in the trashcans. I meet Raha today she was very stinky.
by Dr. Bigman May 4, 2020
A dreaded disease that all Trini's are supposed to know about
"Amanda have the raha"

"Ulyuh hear Mandy have the Raha?"
by Devilissa January 23, 2019